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Tara Rokpa Therapy is a compassion-based method of therapy and a self-responsible process of inner development and maturation. Its main source is the philosophy, psychology and meditation practice of Buddhism, combined with Western psychotherapeutic methods and understanding. For those interested in Buddhism and meditation, Tara Rokpa is an ideal starting point, connecting our personal experience and a deeper understanding of meditation practice.

Tara Rokpa groups have started in many countries worldwide. Apart from the UK and Ireland, we started groups in Finland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc. If you want to contact any of these groups, please write to our international coordinator, Soo Dawson. For further information in English, see the Tara Trust website. 


22st International Tara Rokpa Summer Camp

26 July - 2 Aug 2020 at Hof Oberlethe near Bremen


We are happy to invite all Tara Rokpa participants, friends and interested newcomers from everywhere to our yearly summer camp (since 1998)!

And we are even happier to announce that there will again be no participation fee for participants from outside Germany! 

Hoping that this will encourage many international friends to join us, as it did in the last couple of years. If you want to see some pictures of our 2016, 2017 and 2018 summer camps, have a look at our German Tara Rokpa Newsletter, July/August 2016 issue, July/August 2017 issue, and August 2018 issue. The newsletters are of course in German, but the pictures speak for themselves!

For all further information including accommodation booking and prices - see the summercamp information leaflet. The new leaflet for 2020 will be available towards the end of 2019. Until then, you can still download the English information leaflet 2018 (PDF). But please note - current accomodation prices may be slightly higher.



You can also check out the German Sommercamp page.

And of course you can always email or phone us! 

Our contact information is on the start page. We speak English.