18 – 25 July 2021: Tara Rokpa Summercamp 2021

Update Aug.2021:  The summer camp 2021 has been held as planned at Oberlethe in Northern Germany. It was attended by some 60 participants and it was a wonderful opportunity to meet again after the long months of restrictedness due to the pandemic. In parallel, we held an international online summer camp, attended by many Tara Rokpa friends from Southern Africa to Finland, from Ireland to the U.S.

Soon there will be a separate page about the 2021 camp with impressions and photos.

SAVE THE DATE: 24th Tara Rokpa Summercamp 17th-24th July 2022

Detailed information about the Summercamp 2022, booking form, etc will be available in Jan. 2022.


We are happy to invite all Tara Rokpa participants, friends and interested newcomers from everywhere to our annual, 23rd summer camp (since 1998)!

The camp starts on Sun 18th July at 20:00 CET with an opening/welcome session, and ends on Sun 25th July at lunch time. Our theme this year is:

Connectedness near and far – Space to breathe

After months of restrictions in meeting others, we want to dedicate this summer camp to the exploration of our potential for connectedness – within the Tara Rokpa community, in our exercises, as a common human potential. But we also want to give ourselves and each other lots of space – internally and externally: Space to breathe!

International Summer Camp 2021 – Online!

Latest update: The summer camp can go ahead on site at Oberlethe as planned!  This is the good news. Unfortunately, due to the travel restrictions during the pandemic, no English-language Tara Rokpa therapists from outside of Germany can be physically present at Oberlethe this year. Also, almost no participants from outside of Germany have booked to come to Oberlethe so far (as of end of June).

To make the timetable manageable and more relaxed, we will offer the

  • workshops for the German participants present at Oberlethe in the mornings, and the
  • English-language, international workshops online on Zoom in the afternoons.

In the evenings there will be talks (approx. 1 hour), mainly by the Tara Rokpa therapists, with translation, and with the people present in Oberlethe participating from the Camp – to bring us all together into the same virtual/live space at least once a day.

Of course, German participants will also participate in the English-language online workshops in the afternoon, either from home or joining online from Oberlethe – which will serve to integrate these two aspects of the camp. Also there will be opportunities for informal video conversations, as well as a Kudoboard for contributions with photos, videos and artwork created at the summer camp!

At least, that is the plan so far. The details are still being worked out – please re-check this page, or contact our office as soon as possible if you are interested to join the online summer camp courses! Knowing the numbers and levels of international participants will be helpful for our planning.

Registering for the Online Summer Camp

Important: Once you have registered with the German Tara Rokpa office, you will receive a booking confirmation with the links to the actual online summer camp programme, time table, Zoom sessions, information pages etc. These informations will not be public!

So – please register soon – there is no charge for online participation (donations welcome).

A simple email to our office is enough. Please tell us your Tara Rokpa group and level (if applicable). If you can only attend on some days, that is fine – but if possible let us know when you plan to attend – again, to help our planning.

We will keep this page updated with general information. Detailed information will go out to you once you have registered your online participation!

!The following section applies only for participation at Oberlethe/Germany!

Cost, booking, travel

If you plan to actually, physically join us at Oberlethe, the following information is relevant:

There will be no participation fee for participants from outside Germany.   All information on the cost of accommodation, travel and booking details for the camp at Oberlethe can be found on this information page.

And of course you can always email or phone us! We speak English.

Important updates for physical participation at Oberlethe

April 2021: Our venue Hof Oberlethe has prepared an information sheet of pandemic management measures as required by the authorities. These rules will have to be followed by all visitors. Here is an English translation of the previous April version: Covid management Hof Oberlethe April 2021 (automatic DeepL translation with some quick corrections, in case of discrepancies the current German version applies – ask us if anything is unclear).

In late May 2021, the UK has been declared a Covid variant area by the German authorities, because of the Indian (Delta) mutation. Travel from the UK is discouraged and all visitors from the UK to Germany would have to undergo a two-week quarantine! (This is still in place now (end of June)). Please check the rules for your country.

On the 6th July 2021, TheGuardian reported that Covid travel restrictions on UK travellers will be eased “from Wednesday” (supposedly the 7th July), particularly not requiring quarantine any more. I have no other source for this at the moment, but it is probably too late for any UK participants to change their plans and come to Oberlethe after all.