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Tara Rokpa Therapy

Tara Rokpa is a compassion-based method of therapy and a self-responsible process of inner development and maturation. Its main source is the philosophy, psychology and meditation practice of Buddhism, combined with Western psychotherapeutic methods and understanding. It was founded by the Tibetan meditation teacher Akong Rinpoche. For those interested in Buddhism and meditation, Tara Rokpa is an ideal starting point, connecting our personal experience and a deeper understanding of meditation practice.

Tara Rokpa groups have started in many countries worldwide. Apart from the UK and Ireland, we started groups in Finland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Zimbabwe, etc. For contact with groups in those countries, please write to our international coordinator, Soo Dawson.

Tara Rokpa Summercamp

Every year since 1998, we are offering an International Summer Camp in Northern Germany where you are welcome to learn more about the method, participate in introductory seminars, and meet its practitioners.

Our 26th summercamp:  21. – 28. July 2024


A message to our international visitors

This German-language tararokpa.de website is not intended to be the international website for our method. The official international Tara Rokpa website in English language is located here: Tara Trust/Tara Rokpa

We realise that our German site has become quite large and informative over the years, and you might want to look around by clicking on the German flag on the navigation bar. But unfortunately we do not have the resources to translate our whole site into English. What you find here on its English pages is just a very small selection, mainly about the annual International Tara Rokpa Summer Camp in Germany!

If you see something else on the German pages that interests you, try your luck with Google Translate or, better, DeepL, check out our international site: Tara Trust/Tara Rokpa, and you can of course write to us or phone us (in English) at the German Tara Rokpa office.