International Tara Rokpa Summer Camp

We are happy to invite all Tara Rokpa participants, friends and interested newcomers from everywhere to join us at our annual, 26th summer camp in Oberlethe near Bremen (since 1998)!

Our 26th Summercamp will happen from

21. – 28. July 2024

More information to follow.

Please note: The information below is still about our summercamp 2023 and will be updated for 2024 closer to the time.

See also a review of our 2022 summer camp with photos available here. The text is in German, but it gives an impression (and DeepL is your friend).

Summercamp 2023 information page

Start and finish times (in CET/German time)

Arrival: Sun. 16th July 2023 from 4 p.m.  Opening session: 8.30 p.m. The courses will start on Mon. 17th July 2023 at 10 a.m. (all following days: 9.30 a.m.)

On Sun. 23rd July, the Tara Rokpa courses are held in the morning at the regular time. Lunch at 1 p.m. The camp ends after lunch on Sunday 23rd July 2023.

The motto of our 25th jubilee summercamp 2023 is:

Tara Rokpa into the future

This motto refers both to the future and development of our method, as well as our own personal future: How do we connect with what we learn from Tara Rokpa, and how does this carry us through the times. This theme will be picked up in the Tara Rokpa groups in the mornings, and in optional workshops in the afternoons.
Another key aspect of the summercamp will be the continuation of the theme ecology and climate change which we started at the last summercamp 2022.
Other courses will also be available.

Evening talks ONLINE

We are aware that some of you cannot attend our summer camp in Germany, especially our friends in Africa. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a fully hybrid (live+online) summer camp. Due to the distributed parallel events at a summercamp, it is beyond our resources to do this satisfactorily. And also the summer camp is intended to be an actual, physical meeting; spending time together in person.

What we can, and will do, is to stream the evening talks/events via Zoom. In this way, those who cannot join us in person this year, can be with us virtually at least in the evenings. The evening sessions start at 8 pm German time (CET) and will usually go on for a bit over an hour. The opening session on Sun., 16th July starts at 8:30 pm German time (CET). To join the evening sessions, please contact our German Tara Rokpa office by email to receive the Zoom link

Programme for the daily evening events

– will be available online here –

Overview: The Tara Rokpa Summercamps at Hof Oberlethe – since 1998!

Once a year, the Summer Camp offers a unique opportunity to get to know Tara Rokpa, to meet the Tara Rokpa therapists and participants in the process from many different places. The Camp emphasizes the playful, creative, relaxing and social aspects of Tara Rokpa. There will be Healing Relaxation courses for beginners, for accompanying friends and family, and for anybody interested in learning about Tara Rokpa. The Summer Camp is intended as an event for everybody: Tara Rokpa participants, their family, their children and friends. The timetable is as spacious as the venue, our participants are friendly and welcoming, and the atmosphere balances a sense of holidays with relaxation and – something deeper.

To get an idea of what to expect from a Tara Rokpa summercamp, have a look at the review pages about the 2021 summercamp or the 2022 summercamp with pictures, topics, memories. The pages are in German – if necessary, DeepL does a good job.

Daily programme

  • In the morning: Tara Rokpa courses on different levels. Beginner’s course with Healing Relaxation provided throughout the whole duration of the summer camp. Participants can start any time.
  • In the afternoon: Optional workshops by Tara Rokpa participants. In previous years we had yoga, movement, music, art, massage, etc.
  • In the evening: Presentations and lectures by the therapists, discussion and questions.
  • Afterwards: Parties, music and dancing, camp fires, films…

The Summer Camp venue: Hof Oberlethe

Oberlethe is situated in peaceful, rural North German countryside close to Bremen. The large farm  estate and surroundings offer many leisure possibilities. Bikes can be rented, swimming in two small lakes on the grounds or in a bigger, beautiful lake nearby, as well as camp fires, sauna etc. The small town of Wardenburg is 15-20 minutes walk from the seminar house and offers shops, banks, several restaurants and ice cream parlours. Accommodation is available at different levels. You can camp on the grounds around the lake with your own tent or camper, or book a bed in one of the houses. The rooms are nice, hotel standard, mostly double rooms, many en suite. There are more than 70 beds in the house, as well as semi-private cubicles and dormitory spaces at lesser cost.

Be sure to check out the Hof Oberlethe website with many photos.


Please note that two separate bookings are necessary:

  1. Booking your participation with us at Tara Rokpa Germany, and
  2. Booking your accommodation at Hof Oberlethe

Tara Rokpa participation bookings in writing or by email to our Tara Rokpa Germany office: Petra Niehaus, Gartenstr. 48, D-52064 Aachen, Tel. +49-15678-862441, Please give your full name(s), address, phone, date and time of arrival and departure, number of persons and number/ages of children, and level of the Tara Rokpa work (if applicable). And of course you can always email or phone us! We speak English.

Accommodation bookings and all accommodation matters: Hof Oberlethe, Wardenburger Str. 24, D-26203 Wardenburg, Tel. 0049-4407 -6840, Fax -5480, email: You can also book your accommodation online here.

No participation fee – support fund available

We want to encourage all our international friends to join us at the summer camp. Therefore, there will again be no participation fee for participants from outside of Germany! If required, there is further assistance available from our travel and support fund. Please contact us for details.

Cost of accomodation and full board at Hof Oberlethe

Accommodation has to be paid directly to Hof Oberlethe on arrivalCost per day, full board:

  • Double/twin room with shared shower or bath tub and toilet 82 Euro per person
  • Double/twin room with shower or bath tub and toilet 88 Euro per person
  • Dormitory with your own sleeping bag, cushions, and towels 58 Euro per person
  • Tent/car 57 Euro, large camper van/trailer/caravan 67 Euro per person
  • Child, age 4 – 12 in tent 30 Euro per child
  • Child, age 13 – 18 in tent 40 Euro per child
  • Children under 3 are free; age 4 – 12 half cost in rooms
  • Extra fee for single rooms 17 Euro
  • Meals only (w/o accomm.)  56 Euro

Plus a one-time fee per stay, independent of length of stay: Single room 30 Euro, double room 20 Euro, dormitory/camping 10 Euro.
Days are counted from afternoon to afternoon. Travel-related prolongation counted as 1/3 day. The rules for calculation of partial days are those of Hof Oberlethe . Prices given above are current as of Jan. 2023. In case of discrepancies, the current price list on the website of Hof Oberlethe applies.

Travel information

Maps: OSM | Google

The nearest airport is Bremen. From there, you can go by train to Oldenburg train station ( ~ 1 hour), then Bus 314 to Wardenburg (stop: Tillyhöhe) (1,3 km from Hof Oberlethe on foot), or a taxi from Oldenburg to Oberlethe ( ~ 27 Euro). You can also fly to Hamburg, but the train journey to Oldenburg is longer (2.5 hrs).

Alternatively, there is a taxi shuttle service which will take you directly from Bremen airport to Hof Oberlethe: Luftibus Shuttle at  Their online booking form is in German, but not difficult. You can also book by phone: +49-441-81114 (Mon-Fri 8:30 – 15:00, no phone booking Sat./Sun.). If all else fails, our Tara Rokpa office can do the shuttle booking for you.

By car: Autobahn to Bremen and then to Oldenburg. Take the Autobahn no. 29 from Oldenburg in direction Osnabrück, take the exit ” Wardenburg”, turn right into the village Wardenburg. After about 2 km, in the village, turn left in direction Oberlethe/Friesoythe, then 2 km straight on to Hof Oberlethe (on the right hand side of the road).