Tara Rokpa in Zimbabwe im Global Press Journal

Bewegender Artikel im Global Press Journal vom 18.04.2017 über die Tara Rokpa-Arbeit von Jayne Pilossoff und Trish Swift in Zimbabwe mit schönen Fotos (in engl. Sprache).

„Elizabeth Zhuwaki sits outside a Buddhist temple in the shade, occasionally leaning forward to allow the warmth to brush her body. She and a few other women have just completed a four-hour Tara Rokpa therapy session and are conversing over tea.

‚When I leave this place to go home, I picture myself with my grandchild who passed away, and my mind is put at ease,‘ says Zhuwaki, 75, explaining how taking part in the therapy helps her cope with her loss.“

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[Beitragsbild von tararokpa.org]